wildflower and conifer tree seeds

Hello to our Seed Customers and greetings from Colorado!

This is our Tree and Shrub seed price list for the 2023/2024 Season.

This past fall’s crop of conifer cones was poor. And this seems to be my report for most recent years. We had no appreciable precipitation this past summer and fall; none of our normal summer monsoons. I did not find one wild mushroom during the entire year. We did have some Douglas Fir from Arizona and New Mexico and Ponderosa Pine from Arizona which we collected. There were some cones of Abies concolor in a couple of areas but the squirrels from whom we gather cones just let them dry and shatter on the trees. I think the squirrels' instinct to stash cones for the winter has been short-circuited by warm and dry weather during September. The good news is that we have inventory in the freezer for most species/origins.

Please keep in mind that if you need seeds of Abies nordmanniana or Abies bornmulloriana that you can contact Levinsen & Abies. This Danish firm does an excellent job of source-identification and supplying quality seed, and the seeds can ship from my seed storage to your nursery by UPS. This way you avoid the hassles of importation.

Since we are often out working in the mountains or in the warehouse we do not attend to the office full time. Please send an email or leave a phone message for us. We will respond.

I believe we supply the best quality seed available. As with most things, with tree seed you are likely to get what you pay for. Lower-priced seed often turns out to be more expensive when purity, moisture content, germination, incorrect source-identification, etc., are taken into account. Our only business is seed and we take pride in the job we do. As we clean our seeds, we are constantly monitoring the quality with cut tests, magnifying lenses, etc. This dedication to quality is our number one job. We are glad to be working in a business where our customers appreciate quality.

I want to thank all of our customers for your patronage and to wish you the very best for 2024. Mine is a small and pleasant business because of the type of people who are my customers. THANK YOU!

Best wishes for the coming year! Dean Swift

December 18, 2023

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