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We supply the best quality seed available. Our only business is seed and we take pride in the job we do. As with most things, in tree seed you are likely to get what you pay for. Lower-priced seed often turns out to be more expensive when other factors are taken into account.

If you are interested in buying wholesale quantities of our conifer and flower species and would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to browse the site. And don't forget to look at the photo gallery with pictures from our fields and other sources.

2017: This past fall's crop of conifer cones was poor in general, but good for two items we needed. Fortunately, I have a good inventory of excellent quality seeds for almost all of the seeds I normally supply. AND, I am happy to say that we now have Abies concolor 'Swift's Silver' and Picea glauca densata! It has been nine years since the Abies concolor 'Swift's Silver' produced cones, and almost as long for the Picea glauca densata. I paid the highest prices ever for cones of these two items so the price of the seed is higher, but we have it. These two items are the only price increases for this year. The germination percentage for the Abies concolor 'Swift's Silver' is an amazing 78%!

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