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STANDING ORDERS: We have a number of customers who maintain standing orders with us for seed every year. With a standing order the customer knows he will never be late in ordering seed and is more likely to get the seed he needs. Each year we write to restate the order and advise if there might be a shortage. The current year's order is adjusted or left standing as the customer wishes. If you wish to place a standing order, just let us know.

SOURCE IDENTIFICATION: All of our seeds are strictly source-identified. As more is learned about the characteristics of different seed sources, accurate source identification is more and more important. We label by National Forest and include any other source information that may be pertinent to a particular area, such as specific Forest Service Ranger District, watershed or elevation. We have available a map of the collecting areas, labeled by National Forest, for the four states from which we supply seed. We will send one to you, no charge, on request.

SHIPPING: Most new crop seeds are processed and ready for shipment by January. We prefer shipping after the holiday season when freight companies are less busy and provide faster service. If you have a specific date when you want delivery of the seed, please let us know. We do our best to make fall delivery for those who fall plant. Others do not want delivery until spring. Give us a date and we will do our best to meet it.

PACKING: With tree seeds we use a plastic bag liner as a vapor barrier inside a woven poly bag which we then ship in cardboard boxes.

SEED TESTING: Germination tests are conducted by an independent seed laboratory. We also test moisture content of all the seed lots before they are shipped. This is done for our benefit as well as our customers' benefit. Optimum viability of seeds is best maintained with proper moisture content of the seeds.

PRICES: Prices are FOB Alamosa, Colorado. All prices are per pound of clean seed. No orders will be accepted for less than one pound per species/per origin. Quantity prices listed are for orders over four pounds and over forty-nine pounds of one origin of one species.

TERMS: Terms are payment in advance, Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) or Irrevocable Letter of Credit, unless other arrangements are made. Any open accounts will be delinquent if full payment is not received within 30 days from the date of invoice. A FINANCE CHARGE will be assessed on delinquent accounts. The FINANCE CHARGE will be computed on the basis of an ANNUAL FINANCE CHARGE of eighteen percent (18%) on the unpaid balance.

GUARANTEE: All seeds are warranted to be true to species within accepted tolerances. There is no further guarantee. Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the seed.

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